Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lennon's Latest Linguistics

Because I know I will forget some of these cute and hilarious comments, I decided it was time to start a running list of what Lennon has been saying lately:
Amazing, Delicious, Hilarious, Safety, Rocket Ship, Pirate Ship, Space Ship, Astronaut (do you see a pattern:)), Helicopter, Dinosaurs
and many, many more! Funny Phrases/Sayings:
What is happening? How about a quiet dinner? That is so awesome! You are the best ever! Calm down:) I want my computer. Let's do something creative. This is my favorite toy. Grandma is your mommy, mommy? You are so sweet! You want to dance with me? I don't need your help, I do it myself!
He also LOVES to sing, he knows the intro to every movie and cartoon and his favorite part of watching them is the "beginning" that he can sing to:) He usually tells me at the beginning and end of the day that I am "the best ever". This morning I woke to him stroking my cheek and whispering it in my ear:) Doesn't get much better than that!

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